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Swap Free Program
Experience the next higher level in trading! Customers in KVB who hold a Classic or Plus type Real Accounts can now trade on popular instruments without incurring overnight fees.
Swap free programSwap free program
How Does it Work?
KVB Swap Free Program is dynamically determined by the trading activity level of the customer (Trading Activity). This level is achieved by dividing the total trading volume of the last 7 calendar days by the sum of this volume including the overnight volume.
Trading Activity
*The sum of all liquidated orders.
**The sum of overnight open positions.
Note: The trading volume does not include Shares.
Trading Activity is calculated daily at settlement time and the Swap Free Status is determined by the Swap Free Level as illustrated below:
  • Swap-free level
    Required trading activity
    Swap-free status
  • Advanced
    25% and above
  • Regular
    Below 25%
Swap-Free Level for the next 7 calendar days depends on your trading activity over the previous 7 days. Trade actively to enjoy this program!
Note: To maintain in the advanced swap-free level, it is recommended to trade more within the day and hold lesser overnight positions.
*Swap-free Symbols
No swaps for:
  • Metals: XAUUSD, XAGUSD
Trading in indices contracts are swap free and liquidated volume are included to generate the account swap free activity level.
Swaps are charged for all other currency pairs not listed above and Stocks CFDs.
All new customers are automatically upgraded to Advanced Swap-Free Level to enjoy the first 7 calendar days of trading swap free.
Examples of Trading Activity Calculation
Example 1
Over the last 7 calendar days, a trader opens 60 lots, closes 50 lots the same day, and keeps the remaining 10 lots overnight.
  • Opening trade volume*
    60 lots
  • Partial closing trade volume*
    50 lots
  • Overnight open volume* for 1 day
    10 lots
  • Total trading volume*
    110 lots
  • Total trading and overnight volume*
    120 lots
Trading activity: 110 / 120 * 100% = 92%
Applicable swap-free level: Advanced
Your advanced Swap-free level will continue for the next 7 calendar days. Keep trading without incurring overnight swap fees!
*The trading volume does not include Shares.
Example 2
Over the last 7 calendar days, a trader opens a position of 10 lots and keeps it for 7 days before it is closed.
  • Opening trade volume*
    10 lots
  • Closing trade volume*
    10 lots
  • Overnight open volume* for 7 day
    70 lots
  • Total trading volume*
    20 lots
  • Total trading and overnight volume*
    90 lots
Trading activity: 20 / 90 * 100% = 22%
Applicable swap-free level: Regular
Over the next 7 calendar days, your status will be downgraded to regular swap-free level. Please note that regular overnight swap fees become applicable during this period.
*The trading volume does not include Shares.
Terms and Conditions
Swap free program policy
1. Customers are refrained from misusing the "Swap Free Program” to seek profit from price arbitrage, interest rate arbitrage or any other manipulative strategies that are detrimental to the company and/or to other brokers. In the event of suspicion of abuse and misuse of the Swap-Free Program, the company has the right unilaterally and without explanation or reason and without prior notice to the customers to:

1.1 Disqualify the customers and terminate his Swap-Free Program.

1.2 Charge back all the past swap fees that were not charged during the swap-free period.

2. The company has the right to reject a customer for the swap-free program.

3. The company reserves the right to terminate and/or change the terms and conditions of the "Swap-Free Program" without prior notice to the customers.

4. The company has the right to limit the size of the customers’ position/s (open lots) and their holding period of swap-free transactions.

5. The customers are solely responsible for checking the swap rates and the swap fee calculation according to their holding open position in their trading account. The swap rates reflected in the account are based on percentage. Please note that the swap amount is different from the swap percentage because of the different methods used in calculation.
Which KVB accounts can be swap-free?
A swap in forex refers to the interest that you either earn or pay for a trade that you keep open overnight. The swap is the interest rate differential between the two currencies of the pair you are trading, and it is calculated according to whether your position is long or short, pip value, product type, transaction size, and swap type.
How do I know which trading symbols are swap-free?
Start trading and you'll be automatically enrolled as the program kicks off.
How do I check if my KVB account is swap-free?
Swap Free Program is eligible for both KVB Classic and Plus accounts.
How to calculate this 7-day period? When does the calculation start?
Client A opened a real account on 25 Oct 2023. He opened his first real trade on 26 Oct 2023 (regardless of the exact time). Therefore, its initial swap-free period runs from 00:00:00, 26 Oct 2023 to 23:59:59, 1 Nov 2023.
The subsequent period is from 00:00:00, 2 Nov 2023 to 23:59:59, 8 Nov 2023.
How do I know which instruments are swap free?
Swap Free Program waives swap fees for overnight orders. Learn more about the eligible swap-free trading instruments:
No swaps for:
•⁠ ⁠Metals: XAUUSD, XAGUSD
Swaps are charged for all other minor currency pairs not listed above and Stocks CFDs.
How do I check if my KVB account is swap-free?
Your swap-free level is displayed in your Account General and will be updated automatically. See how much you've saved in trading costs with the swap-free feature.
How can I review the swap fees on my account?
Regardless of whether the client's swap-free level is 'Advanced' or 'Regular', the swap amount displayed on MT4, KVB App, and ActsTrade is 0.
Clients can view detailed swap charges for specific orders via the KVB App or on our website, under the 'Swap' section in the Account Management's general tab.
Experience unparalleled transparency in trading! Join us today and take your trading to the next level!
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